Another First Class Oufitter-Flatland Flyways!


We are pleased to announce that we will also be working with another Snow Goose Outfitter as of Spring 2016! To ensure that we cover as many dates as possible we are now teaming up with Flatland Flyway’s so that we can begin snow goose hunting as early as February, we appreciate that not everyone can make March so we figured why should anyone miss out on all the action?!

Flatland Flyways are based outside of Aberdeen, South Dakota but they begin their season on the road down in Nebraska, this is were we plan to join them in February for the first of the spring snow goose hunts.  We will then join them again at their lodge outside of Aberdeen for the beginning of April, this allows us to offer a wider variety of dates and different packages to suit everyone’s budgets! So if you fancy joining us early in Nebraska or later on in the season in South Dakota then please feel free to message us for more information!