Covid-19 Update for Hunting here in Scotland

This has been something I don’t think any of us could have imagined would develop into what it is, its truly brought the world to its knees and its been an awful tragedy for everyone.  We really hope that you and yours have been able to stay safe during all of this as first and foremost your health and well being is the most important thing.  With all of this its been very unfortunate but like many other guides and outfitters we have had to postpone all Spring Roe Buck clients to date till 2021 and this will indeed be every client scheduled to June with the current Scottish Government guidelines.  We cant stress enough that we are keeping up to date with everything as we know it and wish to have our scheduled clients out for the Spring/Summer as planned or indeed rescheduled for 2021 if needed.

Id like to state that we have absolutely every intention of operating our 2020-2021 Scottish Waterfowl Season and are still working away behind the scenes to ensure we can deliver one of our best years yet to come.  We can only hope that things have changed for the better and things have slowed down and for the moment we need to remain positive and trust everything will be okay and going ahead as planned.

We will update again once we know more information but for the moment stay safe and healthy folks as we look forward to welcoming you hear in hopefully the near future!