About Us

Welcome to Aberdeen Wild Wings Sporting Adventures (Aberdeen Wild Wings) we are a small business that specialises in offering first class waterfowling in Scotland. We focus on running a professional and efficient service where we aim to put our guests under the birds in some of the most waterfowl rich areas. Combined with years of local knowledge and some of the latest equipment on the market we do our best to provide our clients with exhilarating shooting in the most breath taking areas within Scotland.

Aberdeen Wild Wings is owned and operated by myself Kristian Lilley, having been raised in Aberdeenshire I’ve had the pleasure year after year of witnessing the migration of tens of thousands of pink footed geese. There can be nothing more magical than watching the noisy arrival of waves and waves of these geese coming to winter at familiar haunts. I owe a lot to my father for taking me on my very first morning goose flight as a child and since then I have been captivated by these majestic birds. It’s no surprise that I would wish to share what Scotland has to offer and find a way to combine my love for waterfowling, hospitality and tourism to create something unique. Coupled with a BA in Adventure Tourism and Outdoor pursuits and years in the hospitality industry I wished to create a business that would be able to offer quality waterfowling adventures for the wing shooting enthusiast.


Waterfowling truly is my passion, it’s a way of life that I love and have spent many early mornings and late evenings out studying ducks and geese to become as knowledgeable as possible. I’m a firm believer that you only get out what you put in which is why the off season is just as important as the hunting season. So much time is spent searching and securing new hunting areas, maintaining existing areas and gearing up for the season. Our finger is on the pulse 24/7 before the season begins and all our water areas are fed in good time ahead of waterfowl arrival. Hunting areas and roosting areas are patrolled daily eagerly awaiting the migratory birds so that we can begin to scout and monitor their feeding areas.

We love an adventure at Aberdeen Wild Wings and this is what led us to finding away to put an end to those ‘end of season blues’. Doesn’t matter if you’re a waterfowler in the USA or the UK we all share the same pain when our season comes to a halt.  I wished to offer a service that would satisfy those real enthusiasts who want to keep living the dream and for those who just wish to experience hunting another country. Most importantly I’ve been sure to select top destinations which offer a similar first class bespoke service. I’ve been able to put together a selection of some of the finest wing shooting destinations across the world that will allow guests to hunt waterfowl throughout the entire year. We are honoured to be working with some of the finest wing shooting outfitters across the world, we all share the same desire and that is to provide an experience second to none to ensure that our clients needs are always met.

Come hunt with Aberdeen Wild Wings, our season is always open!