Kristianstad, South Sweden

We are pleased to be adding our first European offering to the portfolio of wing shooting destinations, Kristiandstad South Sweden is going to be one of the next big up and coming waterfowling destinations within the world and Aberdeen Wild Wings is delighted to be the first bringing this to you! We are now working with one of Sweden’s top Hunting Outfitters to bring our clients some of the best Waterfowling, Upland/walked up/Semi Driven Shooting and Medium sized Game Hunting there is.  Their dedication and attention to detail is second to none where they work just as hard in the off season to ensure their grounds are prepared and ready for the arrival of their guests.  We have taken quite a few years to find an outfitter who we believed would be able to live up to our standards and expectations and we are pleased to say that with Nordisk Jakt & Fiske on board we believe they will deliver


What makes Sweden unique is the species of geese that are available to be hunted, they are one of few places where Barnacle geese can be hunted and are the best place to hunt ‘real’ honkers in Europe! These aren’t your average park geese or resident geese these are real migrant Canada’s.  Other species of geese which can be hunted are Greylags and Greater White Fronts and Bean geese which can make for a real mixed bag when it comes to morning flights.  Hunting takes place around Lake Hammarsjon where the geese roost and then come out to feed in the surrounding areas.

The majority of hunts are field hunts and take place over harvested fields, winter crops that have been planted  and grass fields.  All hunting tends to take place from layout blinds over spreads of greylag and Canada  full body, silhouette and wind sock decoys.  We are lucky to have one of Sweden’s top guides looking after all of our hunts and we are sure that all our clients will be in for some amazing waterfowl experiences.  As well as geese we have some of the best wild duck shooting, our outfitter manages their grounds with a keen eye and their management plans have resulted in some phenomenal waterfowl habitat which is turn produces quality duck numbers.  Just like Scotland one of their favourite offerings is flighting ducks at night over ponds and lakes, this can be some of the most exhilarating shooting with 100′s of duck pouring in to the ponds just as the light is fading.  It really is a magical experience watching mallard, and Eurasian Teal and Wigeon come pouring into the ponds at last light

Not only do we have prime waterfowl hunting but we are lucky to have the opportunity for upland/walked up/semi driven shooting which allows hunters to shoot a mixed bag of game such as pheasants, ducks, partridge, pigeon, hare, badger and fox.  This hunting is done over teams of dogs and can be very exciting as their really is such a variety available to the hunters when walking their game rich grounds that hunters never really know what will be next to break from cover!

Our outfitter is also really well known for offering some good wild boar, roe, fallow and moose hunting at their extensive grounds where they can hunted from high towers, spot and stalking in the luscious forest meadows or even exciting driven hunts.  They put so much work in managing their boar grounds and with plenty food stations there are some especially nice sized pigs available to hunt.  Nothing beats the excitement of hearing the dogs way off in the distance as the team of beaters enter the wood and slowly make their way to your position or waiting patiently long into the night for the boar to come out and feed under the full moon.

With the flexibility of our outfitter  we can offer such a variety of packages to suit each group from waterfowl only to trips to wild boar and mixed game hunts!! Let us work with you to put together a hunt that will give you the very best of what Sweden has to offer.

So if you fancy joining us on a European hunting tour for a real mixed bag of fowl and game then please feel free to drop us a line to get signed up on a hunt of a lifetime!