Anser Decoy’s have been busy making a start on our custom Pinkfoot decoys and the first ones are looking great!! We are really pleased to have personally been working with Anser to bring this idea to life and they have been excellent from the very beginning and we are delighted to see their progress.

So if you would like to add some of these to your spread head over to their website and get in touch, be sure to tell them you heard it from us!

Anser Decoy’s


It’s finally here, Balled up from Flatland Flyway’s has now been released!!

Another awesome video showcasing what its like to hunt Snow’s with them during the spring, we look forward to joining them in February and April 2016, if you want to join us for some unreal hunting then head to the contact us page and drop us a message! We have some great packages and dates to suit everyone!!!

Flatland Flyway’s showcasing how they get after the white geese down in Nebraska, if you weren’t sure about joining us so early on down South then it’s safe to say you will be after watching this!

This video comes as a warm up before their latest video from South Dakota this past Spring which is due to be released next week (the 1st week of July!)

We are pleased to announce that we will also be working with another Snow Goose Outfitter as of Spring 2016! To ensure that we cover as many dates as possible we are now teaming up with Flatland Flyway’s so that we can begin snow goose hunting as early as February, we appreciate that not everyone can make March so we figured why should anyone miss out on all the action?!

Flatland Flyways are based outside of Aberdeen, South Dakota but they begin their season on the road down in Nebraska, this is were we plan to join them in February for the first of the spring snow goose hunts.  We will then join them again at their lodge outside of Aberdeen for the beginning of April, this allows us to offer a wider variety of dates and different packages to suit everyone’s budgets! So if you fancy joining us early in Nebraska or later on in the season in South Dakota then please feel free to message us for more information!


We are pleased to announce that we are due to head back to South Africa for May 2016! The dates are from Monday 16th to Monday 30th May and we cant wait to head back already for another amazing trip for Waterfowl, Upland, Dove and Pigeon Shooting along with the option to add both Plains and Big Game.

If you fancy joining us for the hunting adventure of a lifetime then drop us a line and we’ll be happy to go through information and any hunting requests for the plains and big game!




The month of June has been a busy one so far with roe buck outings and crow shooting keeping us busy in the field and we have been equally if not busier in the office with enquires for the  Scottish 2015-2016 season and indeed our over seas hunting for 2016 onwards!

We are looking forward to bringing you more packages and dates for the likes of Snow geese in USA, South Africa and Sweden! The Roe buck rut will be starting soon and we cant wait to get out and call some bucks in for our clients, stay posted for more updates to come in due course!


After years of searching we have finally found what we believe to be of the next top waterfowling destination! We are pleased to announce that we will be working with a new quality outfitter in Sweden for 2016 to deliver first class waterfowling and wild boar hunting! We will have the opportunity to field hunt over decoys for some amazing species of geese such as Barnacle Geese, Bean Geese, Greater White Fronts, Greylag and Canada Geese.

To compliment to these awesome field hunts we are able to offer some phenomenal duck hunting over wetland and lake areas for mallard, wigeon and teal! These guys manage some seriously good areas for birds and provide the waterfowlers with some amazing new experiences.

As well as the waterfowling we are delighted to offer wild boar, moose and roe deer hunting in the form of driven hunts, hunting from high towers over food plots and spot and stalk within some of the lush Swedish meadows.  Their management plans speak volumes about their hunting grounds as with a vast number of game and fowl our guests are sure to have a good time hunting in Sweden.

Hunters are able to take part in rough/upland shooting for pheasant, duck, hare and even Capercaillie so there really are some amazing hunts to be experienced over here.

So if you fancy ticking off some of these species and don’t want to pay the prices in Holland then feel free to drop us a line to register your interest.

We have our first trip lined up for August to experience some of this hunting for ourselves and to take as many photos and videos as possible, in the mean time keep an eye out on our website and facebook for all our Swedish updates!

Our roe buck stalking gallery will be coming soon so keep an eye out but in the mean time if anyone is interested in some roe buck stalking don’t hesitate to drop us a line or get in touch via the contact us page!


Now that the weather is slightly improving for a change we are starting to look forward to pigeon shooting this summer! Due to our busy schedule this spring we sadly never made it out with clients for pigeon shooting so we are excited to make up for it once we hit July!

We still have dates available and will be using the website for last minute days becoming available as well so keep an eye out for updates as we will advertise as soon as something becomes available.

Check out our video from our opening day last summer for one of our regular clients, it was a real shell burner!!

If your interested in booking a day or would like more info please feel free to contact us from the contact us page.


Now that our PH has returned from a long 2 month Safari we are in the process of putting together an even bigger adventure for South Africa 2016. We have access to some amazing new concessions which will allow us access to some of THE best waterfowl, upland, plains and big game available in South Africa.  Rather than stay in the one area and make the most out of it’s offering we plan to take in a variety of different hunting grounds to ensure we are in the best places for each species we are hunting!

We plan to work our way from the Free State to the Coast in the Eastern Cape and taking in some of the best hunting along the way! Keep  an eye out for when this package becomes available as spaces will be limited on this hunt of a lifetime!

To register your interest please feel free to drop us a line or leave us a message on the contact us page.