Arkansas, USA

One of our ulitmate favourite birds to hunt happens to be snow geese and its something that is about as addictive as it gets in the waterfowl world! They are so similar to our pinkfeet in Scotland so its easy to see why we just cant get enough of them, they without a doubt one of the toughest birds to hunt but the rewards far outweigh the bad times when it all comes together in the end.  We’ve hunted snows for a number of years now and there’s a much greater understanding of the birds and their habits which has led us to explore different locations and styles of hunting them, a couple seasons ago this led us to Arkansas!

Arkansas has definitly been a location we’ve wanted to explore for a while and it happens to be the first location where the spring snow season begins in the USA, so this truly is the first go at them before they begin their long haul to the Tundra.  The snows start moving in to Arkansas in there 1000′s and the sheer numbers alone are absolutely incredible, it has to be seen to be believed, huge feeds scattered across the fields is just amazing to see.  Its not hard to see how quickly they can cause a lot of damage to farmers crops and this is one of the big reasons this conservation season runs to try and help reduce the ever growing population.  Chasing snows in Arkansas is definitely a fun experience from the little quirky diners to the country steak houses and of course the massive feeds of snows!

We appreciate that everyone has different budgets and believe this a trip that can allow you to enjoy some of the most amazing hunting experienes whislt keeping the costs down.  This is not the same kind of experience that is offered in South Dakota, this isnt an all singing and dancing trip in a 5* lodge this in a hunting trip with a focus on the hunting itself and you can be sure that our outfitter will do every thing they can to make it a trip of a lifetime.  Hunting Arkansas is a tottally different beast and the outfitter hunts feeds every day, this is a real run and gun operation which is no easy feat meaning scouts are constantly looking for feeds for every day.  This is high risk and high reward hunting as we’ve said they can be exceptionally hard to hunt, so its fair to expect tougher days as well as the good days.  This means setting spreads of 1500-2000 full bodies and socks every day, picking the spread up each day and continuing to stay on the birds each day of the week.  As always we recommend 5 days of hunting to increase chances of getting that 100+ day in the books as we need to remember this isn’t the norm every day, there can be single and double digit days quite regularly and 25-60+ bird shoots are more of the norm.

However when the stars align and you have a massive wad of snows dropping into the kill hole only a few feet way absolutely everything becomes worth it and even more memorable! So what we are saying is this is very much a hands on trip where our guests will be expected to help with setting up spreads, pulling them after the morning hunt and processing  birds at the lodge.  This is for those who want to be more involved and appreciate that hunting is hunting and that the guides will be doing everything in their power to make it a memorable trip.  This is going to be a good offfering where you will still have a great package with everything you need to make it a great time but with the options to help keep the costs down with no frills lodging accommodation.