Uruguay, South America

Firstly I would like to state that I pride myself in personally exploring every outfitter that we work with and this is currently an unexplored destination by myself but I will be due to hunt here August 2014. However after being so impressed with what is on offer here I have chosen to add this to the list prior to hunting with them. They filled be with absolute confidence and I have no qualms that they will live up to their sterling reputation.

We have the pleasure of adding another outstanding waterfowl destination to our portfolio. South America is no stranger to the waterfowl scene with Argentina being a popular destination over the past 10 years. As an avid waterfowl enthusiast I wanted to go a step further and bring something new to the table. After taking a great deal of time to find exactly what I was looking for my journey brought me to Uruguay. This beautiful part of the world truly is a waterfowl paradise.

The outfitter we have chosen to work with has their duck camp situated in the heart of 29,000 acres of private marshland, lagoons and rice fields. Their lodge has been built exclusively for duck hunters on the edge of the Laguna Merin which is without question the most productive hunting area in the country. Unlike other countries in South America hunting pressure within this area is almost nonexistent and with the only pressure really being from hunters visiting the country. This makes for exceptional hunting and it is no surprise why ducks thrive here in their thousands. Ever since this waterfowl rich land was discovered by our outfitter they have done everything in their power to maintain a perfect habitat. Not only are crops farmed with the ducks in mind, water systems are in place to ensure that water levels stay the way they should throughout the season.

Our guests will have the chance to hunt with some of the most passionate waterfowlers and they can be safe in the knowledge they are in the best possible hands with experienced guides. Expert local knowledge coupled with some of the latest equipment on the market will allow guests to enjoy some of the most heart racing waterfowl experiences available. Uruguay has an array of amazing ducks to hunt such as Yellow Billed Pintail, 3 species of teal-Brazilian, Silver and Ringed, White Faced Whistling Ducks, Fulvous Whistling Ducks, Spoonbill and of course the famous Rosy Billed Pochard.

Sunrise and sunset in this beautiful country brings with it some of the most exciting duck shooting to be found in the world.  As the waves and waves of ducks begin to pour into the feeding grounds it will become clear just why hunters wish to return year after year to this waterfowlers heaven.