Eastern Cape, South Africa

The Eastern Cape is one of the most beautiful areas within South Africa, this is an area most commonly noted for its safaris and plains/big game hunting. Throughout this unspoilt landscape lies some of the best feeding and roosting grounds for South African waterfowl. The countless dams, marshes and grass lands are a haven for both ducks and geese and these waterfowl rich areas make for extremely dramatic and scenic hunts.

We have managed to secure sole rights to South Africa’s top waterfowl outfitter, they have exclusivity over the best waterfowl shooting that is available on the sunshine coast. There are very few outfitters operating with Africa who take waterfowling as serious as our guides and this is very obvious through their knowledge and the equipment they choose to hunt over. Our outfitter is so dedicated to their passion that despite being a seasoned PH for many years and running a successful plains and big game hunting operation they have opted to launch a new side to their  business and specialise in offering a dedicated wing shooting service. We believe this is what sets those that ‘dabble’ aside from those who are dedicated professionals.

It becomes very clear when hunting with this outfitter that they are just as passionate about waterfowling as I am. This truly is a trip of a lifetime organised by waterfowlers for waterfowlers. South Africa has an interesting variety of species to hunt for the hunter looking to experience something new or for the enthusiast looking to tick new species off their bucket list. Some of the species to hunt consist of Egyptian and Spurwing geese, Yellow Bill, Red billed and Cape teal, White faced whistlers, Mallards and on occasion Cape Shovler.

Shooting is conducted very similar to how we do it in Scotland in that hunting is split into morning and afternoon or evening flights. It is possible to have morning flights at ducks or geese but more often than not it is possible to shoot both during both morning and evening flights. Morning flights for geese will tend to take place over grassland on the  many dairy farms or over sown or cut crops. This can be an amazing experience as there is the luxury of being able to hunt from layout blinds to experience these birds up close and personal. No one else in South Africa offers this experience so it’ only highlights that these guys mean business, this being the norm for our American clients and indeed those that hunt with us in Scotland however for those new to this to have fowl landing feet away is truly breathtaking. Regardless of whether clients are hunting out of layout blinds or upright hides they will still have the amazing exeperince of having these magnificent birds committing into the decoys.

Afternoon or evening flights can either take place over fields as birds are coming out for their evening feed or when they are going back to roost on the many ponds, dams and marshes available. All hunting takes place over decoys and the guides do their best to deliver a quality hunting experience throughout the whole African journey.