South Dakota, USA


Each spring sees the phenomenal sight of 100,000’s of snow geese migrating through South Dakota for the tundra.  The sheer sight alone watching waves and waves of these white geese flooding the sky is incredible in itself but to have them form a tornado and sway their way into your spread is just incredible.  The noise is deafening with a mixture of barking and yapping coming from 1000’s and 1000’s of geese it really gets the heart racing and the hairs standing on the back of the neck.  During the spring season this is seen as a conservation period which allows hunters to shoot liberal limits of snows.  Snow geese do a considerable amount of damage to the tundra and with an estimated 18, 00000 that’s a lot of pressure for very a very sensitive area.  To help reduce these huge numbers hunters are allowed the opportunity to use electronic calls and extended magazine tubes or remove plugs to increase their chances of shooting bigger bags.

Chasing ‘whitey’ is one of the most exciting experiences in my waterfowl career and is something that I recommend every waterfowler has to try at least once in their life.  I for one am hooked and just the same as pinks I will continue chasing them until I can no longer blow my calls.  These geese are very similar to our pink feet here in Scotland, small, extremely vocal, acrobatic and smart! There’s the miss conception these are easy geese to hunt, this is far from the truth and when hunting these white geese it becomes very apparent how many different factors come into play.  Hours and hours of work goes on unseen for preparing for snow goose hunting and it becomes very clear just how dedicated and passionate guides are.

We are pleased to work with one of the best and well respected outfitters in the USA, not only do they have a well rounded knowledge of all waterfowl hunting within the states but they are major players in the waterfowl industry year round.  As always we work with only the best outfitters who are dedicated to delivering a first class service to their clients.  Not only do they create a safe and fun environment to hunt in but these guides are happy to share their knowledge on what they love doing.  The majority of snow goose hunts take place in cut corn fields over decoy spreads made up of 1000-1500 full body spreads, with flocks of flyers, rotary machines and e callers make for a killer combination to lure in this crafty goose.  Hunters will be hidden amongst this mass of white in layout blinds while guides try and work geese into the carefully placed kill zone.  There will be the chance to kill both adult and juvy snow geese and ross geese which makes for some amazing shooting.  As with all hunting there can be good and bad days, it’s important to remember that with snow goose hunting there is the opportunity to shoot bags of 100+ but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen every day this is why offer a longer hunting trip.  The very chance of being able to pursue large numbers of snows is a great experience in itself and when the day comes and you’re faced with a wall of white noise it all becomes worth it!