Booking Info and T & C’s

Booking Information

For all bookings please get in touch via our contact us page or email us at where we will be all too happy to discuss your requirements for planning the hunting trip of a lifetime! There are no prices for our packages as we aim to tailor each and every trip to our clients needs as we appreciate that everyone has different ideas of what makes a perfect trip, what works for one group might not work for another and indeed we wish to try work to a budget you might have in mind so we can organise your next adventure as best we can!

Once we’ve finalised all the details for you and offered dates that might suit for a trip we will then ask the team to pay a non refundable deposit so that we may officially lock in the dates for your trip.  We will then send an invoice to the team leader and they will then have 2 weeks to gather deposits from each individual team member.  The team leader must then make a transfer for the entire teams deposit and a booking will only be confirmed and made official when a deposit has been received for the whole team ahead of the final date due.  If a team does not pay their deposit on time they will quite simply lose their dates and the opportunity to book any hunting with us in the future.


T & C’s

When a booking has been confirmed with a deposit you are agreeing to all our Terms and Conditions, without a deposit there is no official booking with us.

All deposits taken for any of our hunting trips are all non refundable and if a trip is cancelled by us for unforeseen circumstances we reserve the right to keep the deposit and ‘roll the dates’ to the next year.  This would only be for examples such as another ‘pandemic’ where clients cannot travel due to border restrictions where we are not able to operate or clients cannot travel to Scotland.  Clients will not lose out on their deposit in a situation like this and it will only carry forward to the next available date for the team.

For cancellations we expect to be told no later than 30 days that the team or team member is unable to make the trip on the arranged dates and we can postpone or re arrange for suitable dates in the future (there may be further costs in rearranging future trips, such as fuel and accommodation increases).  If a team or team member cancels less than 30 days before the teams arrival date they will be expected to pay in full for either the team or individual cancelling.

Our group minimum numbers for booking are 6 hunters with a maximum of 8 hunters, if a team wishes to come with less than the minimum number of 5 hunters due to a cancellation it is the team’s responsibility to find a replacement for the team member or to cover the cost in full of the missing hunter.

We reserve the right to change the accommodation to an exact match of the existing booked accommodation should we need to meet our clients needs or expectations.

All clients who book with us are expected to have their own personal insurance in place for taking part in all our hunting trips that we offer.  It is your responsibility to arrange this and ensure it covers the type of hunting, is valid during the trip dates and indeed the country you are travelling too.  All of our guides, outfitters and partners reserve the right to refuse ANY of our clients if they do not have the proof of insurance prior to hunting.  Please ask us to help as we are here to assist at every step of the way to ensure this doesn’t affect your trip.

All clients when booking with us for any trip are in full understanding that they are booking a hunting trip and that due to the nature of the activities there are risks involved and as such all members of every team are very aware of those associated risk with hunting.  All safety information must be adhered to at all times and anyone found in breach of this will be removed from any trip without refund at any point.

We advise you take out your own holiday insurance to cover any travel arrangements and indeed other parts of the trips when not hunting as  most hunting insurances only cover the hunting part of the trip.

All hunters must have the appropriate firearms and hunting licenses and permits in place before for any of out hunting trips that we offer before taking part in any hunting and without these again all our guides, outfitters and partners reserve the right to refuse ANY of our clients if they do not have any proof of these required documents.  We are here to ensure that you have these documents arranged in advance but its the hunters responsibility to ensure they are with them during the trip.

All clients traveling with their own firearms to Scotland acknowledge it is their responsibility to let their travel/plane companies know they are flying with firearms and to book them in on flights ahead of their journeys and ensure that they are compliant with their travel companies requests.  We will provide all our appropriate visitor permit documentation to ensure when you arrive in Scotland that you are legally covered to possess firearms during your stay in Scotland.

All clients traveling with their firearms to Scotland acknowledge that upon arriving at their proposed accommodation they must check their guns into the designated gun safes immediately.  Each hunter will be provided with an individual trigger lock for the duration of their stay and the guns when not being used must be stored with an individual trigger lock at all times.