Aberdeen, Scotland

Scotland is famed for having some of the most beautiful scenery in the world but one of our hidden gems is that we also have phenomenal waterfowling. Aberdeenshire is one of the top places within the world to hunt pinkfooted geese, every winter the UK has the pleasure of playing host to some 366,000 of these visitors from Iceland. The vast majority head for Aberdeenshire and disperse across major roosts such as Loch Skene, Loch of Strathbeg and Montrose Basin and of course a host of smaller roosts scattered across Aberdeenshire.

We are lucky to be based close to the vicinity of Skene and have ever growing hunting grounds that cover a wide range of Aberdeenshire which allow us to rotate shooting and rest areas so that they may stay productive throughout the entire season.  Having exclusive rights to these prime areas puts us in good stead to deliver first class waterfowling on a regular basis.  During the off season we work just as hard during the season to expand our hunting grounds and bring our clients the best of what Scottish waterfowling has to offer. Along with pinkfooted geese we also have the chance to shoot greylag geese which tend to arrive from November onwards. Although the majority of our bags are made up of pinkfeet there will be the occasion to target greylag only feeding fields for those travelling from overseas who wish to shoot a mixed bag.

The majority of our goose shooting takes place on morning flights which involve decoying geese out on their feeding grounds, we will run anything from 400-1000 of the latest Divebomb decoys depending on the situation. We take great care to set up our spreads and will begin very early in the morning to ensure everything from decoys to blinds are set up with greatest attention to detail. Depending on the field we are hunting we will use layout blinds/backboards or panel blinds, we will always do our best to accommodate for every group but we aim to do what will guarantee our guests the best chance of being successful.

Our evening flights take place over natural and manmade ponds, splashes and roosts that are teaming with ducks and geese.  This can be one of the most exciting styles of waterfowling as when the light starts to fade this is when the magic begins to happen. We are aware that in some countries it’s not possible to hunt like this but here in Scotland we love to take full advantage of being to hunt as the sun goes down. The experience of ducks zipping about in the low light coupled with the distant calling of geese coming back to roost is something that has to been seen to believed. Having the chance to shoot Eurasian wigeon and teal along with mallard is high on the list with many sportsman, to experience this in Scotland’s stunning scenery just enhances the moment!