Our Chosen Suppliers

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Dive Bomb Industries

Making the best windsock and silhouette decoys on the market!! These are the only windsock and silhouette decoys that we run in our spread, we couldn’t rate these any higher than we already do and these things are fooling birds all season long from October right the way through to those late season wary birds! Hands down the best in the business!



Tanglefree makes the best waterfowl gear on the market, we started running their back boards and panel blinds last year and its been an absolute game changer for us! We are looking forward to adding more of their gear to our arsenal this coming season here in Scotland! 


The Hunter’s Cabin

Our main gun, gear and ammunition dealer here in Aberdeenshire! We get all our RC shells here and they are the only place that stocks them in this area, fantastic customer service and an excellent stock of new and used rifles and shotguns!

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 Sitka Gear

We made the change to Sitka a few seasons ago and haven’t looked back! Better waterfowl patterns that suited here in Scotland we use both the Marsh and Timber patterns from early season right the way through to January! In the spring and summer we use the Subalpine pattern for all our pigeon and deer hunting with all the different choices of clothing there’s something to suit each season!


Muddy Gutter Custom Calls

The UK’s top goose and duck call maker, specialising in Pinkfoot and Greylag calls! Lee offers an amazing service and its possible to buy either standard or custom made calls directly from him.  These are without a doubt the best calls out there specifically made for pinkfeet and greylags, we ran these all of the 2018-2019 season and you can see the proof of how good they are in our last seasons gallery!!

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Vortex Optics

 Vortex provide some of the best quality and value for money optics out there! We use their bino’s and both there rifle and spotting scopes and they put up with all the abuse they have thrown at them.  With a life time guarantee its no wonder they are proving so popular and without a doubt a strong competitor to other big names on the scene!

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Lucky Hunter

Main European supplier of the Avian X full body Pinkfoot and Greylag decoys! We have been running these for a couple seasons and there isn’t a full body off the shelf decoy that comes close to these.  They also supply a whole host of other waterfowl gear.