The Pigeon Short Stay – 3 Day Hunting Package


Aberdeen Scotland-Wood Pigeon Shooting

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver first class wing shooting across the world and one of the most enjoyable shooting opportunities available is wood pigeon shooting.  Here in Scotland we have some fantastic pigeon shooting that would rival both South Africa and South America.  It’s one thing to pass shoot pigeons as they flight from feeding grounds to roosting areas but to have pigeons decoy into your spread from all angles can be some of the most exciting shooting you’ll ever have! All pigeon shooting takes place from hides built into natural surroundings. We can offer the chance to shoot from hides standing up or even from layout blinds for some real snap shooting.  Either way we take a great deal of time to ensure that the blinds and hides are grassed and stubbled up as best they can be to ensure our hunters are as hidden as possible.  With the perfect hide built we then have some of the latest equipment out in our decoy spread such as pigeon magnets, flappers and bouncers to help the pattern come to life.  We spend hours watching flight lines and scouting for the best fields to hunt and you can be assured that we will be doing our best to put you in the hot spots.

The Pigeon Short Stay-3 Day Hunting Package

This is the most popular package for wood pigeon shooting however we will be happy to offer other packages on request if parties would prefer a longer or shorter trip.  Here in Aberdeen we have some fantastic pigeon shooting over a variety of different crops during the spring, summer and winter seasons.  One of the most popular times of the year to shooting pigeons is during the summer time when the crops are being harvested.  We have large numbers of pigeons coming out to feed in the freshly cut fields which can offer some amazing sport.  Pairs, singles and groups soaring into your decoy spread can humble even the greatest shot.  They have a tendency to come in from every angle at any time from steady morning shoots to frenetic 30 minutes of nonstop shooting.  It can be possible to shoot some large bags of pigeons when the conditions are good and the guns are shooting well, as with all shooting you can get your good days and bad days but we will always do our best to ensure our guns are placed in the right areas with the best equipment.  It’s no surprise why this is one of the most popular styles of shooting within the UK and Europe.  Such a challenging bird can be excellent practice out with the main shooting season but a fantastic sport in its own right.  Personally we would rather shoot pigeons to warm up for the game season than go shoot clays and there was never more true words spoken than ‘if you can shoot pigeons then you can shoot anything!!’

Product Description

Example Itinerary for 3 Day Package


  • Arrive at Aberdeen airport to be welcomed by guide/or arrive at selected accommodation if travelling within the UK to be welcomed by guide
  • Check into accommodation and meet with guide to discuss itinerary for the next 3 days of shooting
  • Free time to relax, prepare kit for the next few days and unwind from travelling


  • Depart early morning to head to the shooting grounds
  • Shoot all day till late afternoon/evening
  • Back to the accommodation to relax and enjoy dinner


  • Checkout of accommodation to depart for airport/home