The Snow Tour – 5 Day Hunting Package


South Dakota USA – Snow Goose Hunting

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver first class wing shooting across the world and the chance to hunt snows is something that needs to be experienced at least once in a lifetime, even though I bet it won’t be the last! In our opinion the best way to enjoy it is to go for a week and make the most out of what South Dakota has to offer.  As always we love to tailor packages to suit your requirements but we have on offer a perfect package showing casing what awaits the wing shooting enthusiast in the prairies!

The Snow Tour-5 Day Hunting Package

This is the only set package that we offer for snows as we believe you really need at least 5 days to do this kind of hunting justice when travelling over to the USA.  Guns have the chance to shoot high volume and have 100+days, the key phrase is ‘have the chance’.  This is conservation season which guns are allowed the chance to shoot large numbers of geese to help with the ever growing snow population.  The law of snow goose hunting is to expect 1 amazing day, 2 great days and 2 days that could result in anything from single digits to low twenties.  This is what comes with hunting, if we wanted numbers shooting then we would shoot 300 clays down the range.  When it all comes together it is worth the wait as when those geese are working into the spread in mass just to see them is a spectacle let alone shoot them.  As a result this is why we recommend this package to ensure that guns get to experience the full show of what snow goose hunting can offer!

Package Includes the Following:
  • 6 Nights Accommodation in 5*Hunting Lodge
  • 5 Full days shooting snow geese
  • Fully catered, light breakfast before the hunt, lunch at the lodge or out in the field, 3 course meal along with snacks throughout the day and all soft drinks, beer and wine included
  • Gun hire of quality semi auto with magazine extension
  • Some filming and photos taken during the trip
  • Bird processing included along with jerky to take home
  • Full service of professional guide along with all quality equipment required
  • Transfer to and from the hunting grounds throughout the duration of your stay
  • Airport pick up and transfers

Product Description

Example Itinerary for 5 Day Package


  • Arrive at Aberdeen airport to be welcomed by host and outfitter
  • Head to hunting store to pick up shells for the week and hunting
  • Drive to the hunting lodge
  • Brief meeting with host to get itinerary for the week
  • Free time to relax, prepare kit for the next few days and unwind from travelling


  • Get up for around 5.30-6am and grab to go breakfast and snacks for the morning hunt
  • Head out for the morning hunt and shoot till around 11.30am and head back to the loge for lunch, if the hunting is super hot we will have lunch brought to us in the field
  • Head back out for the afternoon hunt and shoot until dark then return to the lodge to get freshened up for the evening
  • Dinner and enjoying what the lodge has to offer


  • Depart for Aberdeen airport